| Posted on November 3, 2015

Barry’s Best Practices Blog: Save hours and headaches with two easy zipForm6 tricks By Barry Pilger

Templates can save you from repetitive form-filling in zipForm 6.  I am always surprised in my zipForm classes to learn how few Realtors use them.  Have no fear: This is easy.

Step 1.  Create a listing template:  Click on Templates, then New, then name your template Listing.  First add the cover sheet, then add the other documents you normally make a part of your listing agreement.  Now you have the cover sheet, RLA and AD-1.  Add any other forms that you routinely make a part of your listing agreement.

  • While you can add seller disclosure forms here if you like, I recommend creating a separate template called Seller Disclosures. It’s cleaner.
  • Begin by filling out the boiler plate sections of the cover sheet.  Start with listing agent information on page three.  Add any other information you routinely include. Be sure to save it.

o   The next time you take a listing, create a new transaction and select the listing template  from the drop down menu.

Step 2.  Create template for your buyers:  Click on Templates, then New, then name your template Purchase.  Add documents as above, starting with the cover sheet.  Then add the RPA which will auto-populate form AD-2 and the BIA.  Add other forms:   My buyer template includes the MCA and CR.  Open the cover sheet and complete the selling agent section on page 3, adding  any other information that will remain constant for all your purchase transactions, such as the title and escrow firm.

  • Power user tip A:  If you are working with a set of buyers and anticipate making multiple offers, enter the basic buyers’ information  and save as, naming this template after the buyers, as in “Purchase B & C Smith.”
  • Power user tip B: Create and keep templates for frequently used forms. I have a template for buyer disclosures, one for seller disclosures and one solely for those pesky hazard, energy and EQ booklets.

Conclusion:  If you ever find yourself typing your own name or your company’s name, ever, in zipForm 6, you are wasting your time. Create templates!

(Barry Pilger is an Oakland-based Realtor and long-time member of OBAR.  He and his wife, OBAR member Catherine Moss are owners of Stafford Real Estate with offices in the Jack London District.  He has been certified to teach the RPA and zipForm6 by CAR.)