| Posted on February 2, 2016

Supra Key Post Exchange Dates!

If you missed the Supra Key Exchange Event on January 27-28, there are limited spaces available to exchange your DisplayKEY at the Berkeley office on Monday, February 8 and TuesdayFebruary 9. You may only exchange your DisplayKEY for the eKEY (app on your phone) or XpressKEY (similar device to the DisplayKEY) with a scheduled appointment. Times are available in 15 minute increments beginning at 9:30am and ending at 4:00pm Monday, February 8 and Tuesday, February 9.

All DisplayKEYs will be removed from Supra’s system on Monday, February 15th and you will no longer be able to use the key.

Schedule your time today to exchange your DisplayKEY to the eKEY or XpressKEY. Less than 100 spaces available. Reserve yours today!

As a reminder, this is the DisplayKEY – this is the key that needs to be exchanged  Displaykey_in_cradle    If you have already exchanged your DisplayKEY, please disregard this email, you do not need to do anything else!

Have questions? Please read the entirety of the FAQs listed here. One important note is to familiarize yourself with what additional cost you will incur – all of this is covered in the FAQs. If you still can’t find an answer please call 510.848.4288