| Posted on November 17, 2015

Supra Post-Event iBox Exchange | November 30 & December 1

If you missed the Supra Lockbox Exchange Event on November 12-13, there are limited spaces available to exchange your lockbox at the Berkeley office on Monday, November 30 and Tuesday, December 1. You may only exchange your iBox original and BT lockboxes for the upgraded iBox BTLE with a scheduled appointment.

Times are available in 10 minute increments beginning at 9:30am and ending at 4:00pm Monday, November 30 and Tuesday, December 1.

If your boxes are not exchanged on these dates, you will no longer be eligible for the free iBox BTLE upgrade.

All iBox originals and BTs will be removed from the Supra system on Friday, January 1st and you will no longer be able to see any report listings, however you will still be able to use them for another 6 months to 1 year.

Schedule your time today to upgrade to the BTLE. Less than 100 spaces available. Reserve yours today!

*On October 28, all keybox holders received a personalized email with a list of the keyboxes owned by them or their office. This email also contained the agent’s ID and/or the office ID which is required on the KeyBox Authorization Form* and Supra iBox Transfer Form.

IMPORTANT: The keybox must be assigned to the Oakland/Berkeley Association of REALTORS® under the Agent ID in order to exchange the keybox at the event. Keybox owners will NOT be able to exchange a keybox not owned by them without submitting the KeyBox Authorization Form*.

If the keybox owner is in possession of a keybox and it was NOT listed in the email, the keybox owner must determine who owns this keybox. This can be done by contacting OBAR at 510-848-4288. Please be ready to give the keybox serial number.

Prior to the exchange:

  1. If the keybox belongs to another Association**, you must physically take the keybox to the Association that owns it and have it deprogrammed. You can then bring the keybox to our Berkeley office before November 11 to have it reprogrammed under your agent ID.
  2. If the keybox belongs to your office, the designated person in charge of exchanging the office’s keyboxes can authorize you to exchange the box using the KeyBox Authorization Form*.
  3. If the keybox is owned by our Association but belongs to another agent, you can transfer it to your name at the event using the Supra iBox Transfer Form.

Upon exchanging your keybox, you will be required to submit a Sublease/License Agreement. All exchanged keyboxes are non-transferable to another Association. If you need to use your keybox in another territory (i.e., BAREIS or Metrolist), OBAR will buy back your iBox BTLE and you can purchase a new or used unprogrammed BTLE through our Association.

New iBox BTLE: $139 member
Used iBox BTLE price: $109 member
Buy back leased iBox BTLE: $40 member

*The Keybox Authorization Form MUST be completed in full prior to exchanging your keybox at the event.

**Contact the Association that owns the keybox to determine whose agent or office ID it is assigned to and their requirements for deprogramming the keybox.


What is the difference between a key and keybox?

  1. The key is your DisplayKEY or eKEY that you use to open a keybox. The keybox is the iBox original, iBox BT, and the new iBox BTLE.

 Why should I exchange my iBox or iBox BT?

  1. All owned iBoxes and iBoxes BT regardless of their working condition will be removed from the Supra system and will be no longer be supported after the exchange. You have the opportunity to exchange your current box for a new, leased iBox BTLE at no charge (retail price is $139+tax). Read here to learn about the BTLE’s features.

 What if I cannot attend the exchange on November 12th or 13th?

  1. Complete theKeyBox Authorization Form* authorizing another person to exchange the box for you. The authorized person must show photo ID at the event.

What if I cannot attend at my scheduled date and time?

  1. You may switch times with another keybox owner so as to avoid longer lines as a result of people coming outside of their scheduled date and time.

 I have an eKEY. Do I need to do anything with my eKEY or fob when I exchange my keybox?

  1. If you have an iPhone® 4s and newer or an Android phone, the new iBox BT LE communicates using Bluetooth® and does not require use of the fob. OBAR recommends keeping the fob in your possession for a period of time until all iBox originals and BTs have circulated out of the market.You do not need to bring your Supra eKEY to the event.

I have a DisplayKEY. Will my DisplayKEY still work after the exchange?

  1. Yes! Your DisplayKEY will work as usual. These keys will be upgraded to the XpressKEY at a later date. You do not need to bring your Supra DisplayKEY to the event.

I recently purchased an iBox BTLE. Do I need to exchange it?

  1. No. If you recently purchased an iBox BTLE through OBAR, it is an owned keybox and cannot be exchanged.